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Creating a life that satisfies your soul

Welcome to my world of photography. I am on a journey to see, experience, learn and express life through photography. I’m here to share my experience with you through my own visual expression.

By profession, I'm an engineer and I find little time to enjoy my passion for photography. I know this is not a good excuse. However, as of now, I'm learning to 'See' and 'Express' my vision through my own visual language. I'm loving the journey and I always want to remain a student of Photography.

I am an amateur photographer. Photography is my passion. My main passion lies in documentary and travel photography. I love to photograph different people, places, culture and streets. However, my common aim is always the same - to capture the human life.

You’re so lucky!

Something else that always comes into my mind is the fact that I’m not living THE life, I’m living MY life. This life I lead may appear to be all fun and games, full of travels, and awesome experiences but the reality is far different.

Yes, my life has it’s moments where all those things are 100% true but I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer writing and executing the code

Every day I have the intention to get so much crossed off of my to do list and yet rarely am I able to get more than a fraction of that done. While it all seems possible at the beginning of the day, most days include so many interruptions and tangents that it truly is impossible to meet my own expectations. As for the travels and awesome experiences? I haven’t traveled in months

It’s just frustrating to not be out there doing what I love including taking photographs, editing them, and sharing my travels here on the blog. Time is the real enemy, or perhaps a better way of putting it is to say that time is the most precious of all commodities. You can’t buy more of it, you can’t trade for it, and you can’t make more of it no matter what ingredients you have. So my goal now is to find more balance. I need to find ways to be able to do just a little bit more of the things

I love because to be honest lately I’ve lost a lot of the passion that I have for what I do, considering the fact that I’m not shooting nearly as much as I’d like and that’s not a good thing for creativity.

Note to self: Keep priorities in check!!

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”


I’ll be back with some new blogs soon…!!

Love for the photography


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