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Master your craft : Go beyond the “selfie”

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The big need in photography is not more photographs looks like every other image on Instagram. its not the need for more over-filtered, over-sharpened, over-copied images. There is no poetry in those, No Soul. Just the gnawing that i missed a chance to make that image my own, to bring something of mine, a piece of me to the table . To take something we all have seen and present it in MY WAY!!!!!!!

Live with Passion !!

If you want to succeed in your Art, whatever that means to you, then you need to fuel it with passion and hard work. If Art is the air you breathe, the thing that distracts you and not the thing from which you are distracted, if it’s the thing you most want to do, to talk about, to spend your spare time on, and if you work harder at it than you’ve ever worked on anything, you will make it. Why? Because passion, true passion is in short, short supply these days. As is hard work. Long ago we abandoned the idea of having a life’s work, a calling; those that still do their work from that sense of calling or vocation, will be unbeatable.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It sermon. Ugh. Your craft, skills, ability to translate your vision into the two dimensional image, these matter a great deal, and not everyone will take the time to make it happen. But if you’re passionate, and not self-deluded, you’ll seek out your weaknesses and work your ass off to bolster them.

Passion, in the right machine, is a volatile fuel that burns hard and long. But more than all this, the reason I believe passion and hard work will make you successful is that passion and hard work are the end, not the means. If your passion and hard work takes you to a place that has you working hard at what you love, then you are already there. You don’t need to get anywhere else.

So what is photography? It’s less talk, more making photographs. Do that, and do it hard. And then tomorrow, do it again. And as long as you love doing that more than something else, you’ll have filled your days and fed your soul with something you love. And to do that, by almost any sane definition, is to have succeeded.

Love for the photography


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